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In 2015 Sonny’s friends from Sweden (Bob and Olivia) came to the USA and road-tripped across the country for 2 months. Prior to the visit, they asked Sonny to help them purchase a car and asked if there were any travel websites with good travel information about the United States. For both of these questions Sonny had no good answers- because the information didn’t exist.

Bob and Olivia had a great trip, but it definitely had its speed bumps. And they found themselves using Sonny as a resource on more than one occasion.

So after the trip, ShoobyUSA was born.

ShoobyUSA’s main purpose is to be a resource to foreigners of the US planning extended travel to the United States. We will be posting articles and providing information on anything from purchasing a car to fun and affordable adventures to do in the middle of the Utah desert. Much of the content posted will be drawn from personal experiences from the ShoobyUSA team.

In addition we have a 24 hour Contact Center. Anything you want to know about the USA we can find the answer to. All you have to do is ask.

ShoobyUSA’s team consists of travelers from all over the globe.  The thing we all have in common is that we are explorers and we love sharing our knowledge with others. We have traveled or we were born outside of the USA so we understand that the States can seem like a much different place. And we won’t deny that it is, and it can be a lot of fun. So take a look at our posts, ask us any questions you have about your upcoming travel to America – we have answers and survival hacks that will make your time in the States a fun one.

Safe Exploring!


Founder, ShoobyUSA

p.s. We proudly boast that ShoobyUSA is a not for profit organization. We are simply people that have a desire to help out our fellow traveler.



Sonny is the founder of ShoobyUSA and is the main contact for any questions you have about your upcoming trip through the United States. He is an avid explorer, having visited 42 of the 50 states. He has also spent time abroad in Europe and South America.

Aside from travel, his passion is baseball and ranching- he can be found playing fantasy baseball or riding horses at a local farm in Virginia.

Sonny Team Photo


Erika is a writing contributor for ShoobyUSA covering the midwest and great plains region of the States. She has visited 8 countries and over 30 states. She has lived in Chicago for the past 3 years and her favorite thing about the city is how close together everything is.
She enjoys soaking up the history and culture of the places she visits.

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Olivia and Bob both grew up in Bolmso and Karishamn, Sweden-respectively. Combined they have traveled to 42 countries. In 2015 they spent 2 months road tripping through the United States and Canada, passing through a total of 16 states. Every year during the Swedish Winter, Olivia and Bob travel to South America where they train and ride horses alongside the Argentinian Gauchos.

Bob Olivia Team Photo


Jen is a writing contributor for ShoobyUSA and a Southern California native. She graduated from California State University, Northridge with a degree in Recreation and Tourism Management and minor in Sustainability. She is an expert in everything Las Vegas, having frequented the Desert Oasis many times.

In addition, she is a natural adventurer, having traveled to Mexico, Canada, and Europe. When she is near to home you will most likely find her at a local beach, leading a Yoga class, on a hike, or spending time with friends and family.

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Below, we’ve written out our core purpose and values and published them here for you to read.

The core purpose is the why. Why do we do what we do?

To make travel to the United States easier and more enjoyable.

The core values dictate every decision we make. These values are what we stand for and what we look for in new teammates.

“Lean On Me” – We know how difficult it can be at times to travel, especially when you are on your own. We strive to be that helpful shoulder when the going gets tough.

“Lewis And Clark” – Lewis and Clark were American explorers and the first pioneers to map out the Western half of the United States. Our team is made up only of pioneers and explorers and we pride ourselves on helping everyone discover new and exciting experiences.

“MacGyver Know How” – MacGyver is an American action hero whose main asset is his inventive use of common items. We understand traveling can get expensive, and we are here to show you our short cuts and travel hacks, which will save you lots of money.